Select from the menu items above left to view the other pictures that I have extracted from the same main picture.

At the right, you will be able to view the same main picture, displayed four times but rotated 90 degrees from each other; so that you can study the picture that I have dissected in the various other pages available via the menu selections above left.







Welcome to “Clouds God's Mural” the Picture Gallery menu. From this gallery menu you will be able to select individual "menu buttons" or links, which will take you to the desired group of pictures which I will further dissect  for you. After you have viewed all the pictures nested within a menu button, you will then have to return to this Picture Gallery to select another button. I have added below the main picture, but rotated in four different directions 90 degrees apart, in order that you can analyze them from different angels.

NOTE: To enlarge any pictures only if you are using the "Mozilla Firefox" web browser  (Trade Mark of Mozilla do a "Right-Click" on the picture that you want to zoom into and select the first option named "View Image". Then with the cursor showing a "plus sign", click on the picture in order to zoom into the area that you clicked or you may click on the picture again with the cursor showing a "minus sign", in order to zoom out once more. To return to the prior screen you will have to use the web browser's "back arrow" above top-left, to return to the prior screen.

Picture-1  Right-Side-Up


Picture-2  90-degrees-CW


Picture-3  180-degrees CW



Picture-4  270-Degrees-CW



TO view more pictures, scroll up and to the left column, and select a menu button.


Informacion en Espanol sobre la galleria de fotos.