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(Note: I have found that using a handheld smart phone or tablet allows me to better control the brightness; and allows me to zoom further into the picture than when using a desktop computer. For Android devices, I now use the "Opera Browser", which has very nice "pinch-the-screen-to-zoom" feature.)

Are the clouds always randomly formed? Take a careful look at this picture and see if you still think so. Note the complex figures that appear. You should be able to see some faces and figures. Try viewing this picture first picture at around 3"X4".

This website’s challenge: What if I can prove to you with digital photographic evidence that not all shapes and figures seen in the clouds are randomly made? What if I can show you that those shapes and figures which you have previously seen in the clouds are not always formed by the random winds and temperatures as we had been taught since our childhood? Well, let me take you on a journey of this first picture which I have named: “In the Battle of Good and evil—Good Wins!” I took this sunset picture on September 9th, 2008 at 6:25 PM, and if it were not for one figure that stood out, I would have dismissed it as just "another sunset picture"; but, that figure pulled my inquisitive mind to continue studying it, to the point that I have made incredible discoveries of many more: hundreds, if not thousands of figures and symbols. Take my challenge and embark in this systematic pictorial journey which I will lay before you.

What is this website about, you ask?

This website will display incredible cloud pictures that I have taken in the Phoenix Arizona sky. I believe that they will blow your mind away because you will witness an incredible assortment of figures and symbols that are embedded within them. All the pictures in this website are 100% true and authentic, NOT hoaxes, and categorically NOT artist's renditions.

You might ask: What guarantee do you give us that these pictures are not just another collection of hoaxes, as is so common on the Internet?” Well, let me tell you, this first picture which I am going to dissect is so complex that an artist would have to spend his entire lifetime trying to put together not just one, but consecutive pictures. Let me explain: First, the artist would have to include interlocking layers of figures and symbols from the macro to the micro, in all directions. Second, he would have to include a spiritual theme that is so accurate that it conforms to the Torah and the Bible. Third, he would have to know the future and accurately include some characters and events that are still in the future, while at the same time not violating God’s word. Fourth, he would have to create a picture that gets slightly enhanced by a small amount of sunlight, which brings out additional details as the color and depth of field are slightly enhanced when viewed on a computer monitor (partially holographic). Fifth, the artist would have to perfectly match the picture’s pixels with the stellar bodies that are in the background, during the day, and while the Sun’s rays are also brightly shinning from the same direction. And finally, he would have to make a slightly different picture that progresses or morphs in a slightly different picture every three to six seconds, causing the characters to move like a slow moving movie. Also, each picture would have to continue to match the stars in the background, as the Earth spins and travels through space (I have taken such consecutive pictures and they do morph and change with time, creating slow moving characters). Do you still think that an earthly artist could make such pictures? I don’t think so!

This is my Guarantee: That all digital pictures in this website are authentic, and not artist’s renditions; I have not edited or manipulated them for content. The only enhancing is to enlarge and contrast them for easier viewing. All pictures displayed in this website are photographs that I have taken in the Phoenix Arizona area. They are Copyright © Protected and are property of this website and its administrator, yours truly, the picture-taker. I do allow downloading them for personal examination, but I strictly forbid their re-transmission, their displaying on other websites, and for any commercial or unauthorized use, without prior written consent from yours truly, the Phoenix Cloud Man and this website: "www.CloudsGodsMural.com". Note that if you download pictures for personal viewing, in order to view them with the detail that this website displays, you must use a high-quality graphics program, otherwise the pictures will distort and you will not be able to see the same details. Also be aware, that if you download pictures and then email them, you run the risk that the pictures will be compressed into smaller pixel sizes, because most Internet providers will compress them, and thus the pictures will lose their quality--that is precisely why I strictly forbid their re-transmission. Instead of emailing them, send your friends this website URL link: www.CloudsGodsMural.com and let them view them or download them directly from this website.

How are these pictures getting created with such details? I know that my camera is detecting some other energy besides visible light, but I don't really know what it is detecting. For argument's sake, I will say that it is detecting "temperature" changes, but since I really don't know, you can substitute any kind of radiant energy in its place. The fact is that some unknown energy is enhancing my pictures, and the proof is in the pictures that you will view.

My hypothesis is that these incredible digital pictures are being generated by the stellar energies that are reaching the Earth. This stellar energy is colliding with the water molecules in our atmosphere, causing them to excite and change in "temperature". These temperature changes are then causing fog to form (clouds) in the shape of the stellar bodies, and thus creating an imprint of the stellar body in the atmosphere, in the form of clouds. My camera is then detecting both the visible light reflected by the cloud, and the "temperature changes" among the clouds. Then the camera’s “white-balancing software” processes these combined data streams and then it balances the image, creating the detailed pictures.

I am not an astronomer or a meteorologist in order to truly know that my hypothesis really explains the mechanics involved in this process, but one thing I do know is that my digital camera is detecting something and it is causing incredible enhancements to my pictures. Therefore, I want to challenge astronomers and meteorologist to either confirm or help me modify my hypothesis. They should be able to compare my picture to a stellar chart and correlate the stellar bodies to the embedded figures, by using the date, time, and the direction of the picture, along with the GPS coordinates of where I stood when I took the picture. They should be able to detect if these "temperature changes" are occurring in the clouds in direct correlation to the stellar bodies. Only they working together can prove or disprove my hypothesis. I will further expand on my hypothesis, in the “More Information” tab listed above.

About the message of this website: This website will show you pictures that are incredibly complex in their structure and content. If you are a believer in God, I hope that they increase your faith in God, in His word, and in His promised return. On the other hand, maybe you are someone who has doubts about God and is waiting for a "sign from above" about whether He exists or not? Maybe you are an atheist who shuns away from any mention of God because you are convinced that there is no God since you haven't seen any proof, and therefore, you conclude that He must not exist? Maybe you are an agnostic who believes that if there is a God, He doesn't get involved in human affairs and therefore, you just don't care about Him especially since He hasn't fixed all the ills in this world? Well, maybe these pictures will also open your eyes to His existence.

All the pictures in this website will be available for you to thoroughly examine, and only you can make up your mind and come to a conclusion about their origin and content. I hope that you at least have an inquisitive open mind which wants to pursue one of humanity's greatest ingrained desires: that of knowing more about from where we came and where we are going. However, I would be remiss if I did not tell you that regardless if you believe in God or not, God’s judgments will still take place at the appointed place and time, according to His word. So if these heavenly signs can help you make a wise decision about your future, then it will have been worth the time and effort that I have spent on this website.

As humans, we have been given a short life-span and only we can make the vital choices regarding our eternal-future, while we are still inside our body. Once we pass away, we have no more say in the matter; our judgment will take place regardless of our beliefs. So why risk our eternal future by hastily turning down evidence of God's existence as nothing more than just another nut's website? At least take the time to quench your internal thirst for knowledge about your existence, and examine this evidence thoroughly.

However, let me say this: some folks will never believe in God or in His Word; and they will neither believe in the heavenly signs which He provides as confirmation of His existence. I have to add that some folks will harden their hearts and not believe, to the point that even if Noah's Ark were discovered tomorrow and they were invited to go and examine it, they would still excuse it as nothing more than just another great hoax perpetrated upon humanity. Sincerely, God is my witness that this website is no-hoax! I am simply a messenger relaying a message which was entrusted upon me, and I have taken the challenge to convey this message, via this "cloud" Internet media.

Here are other important notes about better viewing these web pictures. I have noticed that these pictures show more detail if you view them where there is a small amount of ultraviolet and incandescent light mixed-in together with the monitor's light. For me, the best viewing has been in the daytime when there is a small amount of indirect sunlight filtering into an off-white painted room. Because I took these pictures in bright sunlight, I have found that adding back the sunlight seems to enhance the colors and the depth of field, to the point that the pictures display limited holographic qualities in some of the images.

Disclaimer: Even though I will mention some political figures which I have concluded are also included in these pictures, I want to make it clear that the primary intent of this website is not for political discourse or to impugn their characters. However, I do intend to offer my conclusion and interpret what I believe is occurring in the scene where the figures are embedded.

In another note, I need you to understand that all figures will also be interwoven among other figures which I have concluded are also depicting either good or evil. In other words, every figure will be sharing pixels with other figures which when viewed from a different direction or zoom level; they might be depicting quite the opposite message. So be advised that the pixel association does not necessarily convey that they are also good or evil. I will make it clearer as we journey through the website.

We will keep this website always available for your viewing and we will accept donations but strictly for keeping this website online. I will provide donation information in the "More Information" tab located above, so that you can directly send your donations as payments to the hosting company, for their continued services. I want to extend my thanks to the website hosting company HMI, "Hosting Master Internet" of Phoenix, which has provided the hosting and technical support for the initial launching of this website. By all means, if you want to set up a website, HMI can provide all the services: Hosting, Domain registration, Website design, technical support, and training.

What must I do to be saved? 1). First, repent of your sins (we are all sinners) and ask Jesus to come into your heart, but you must be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. Let me explain further.... 2). Find a church that preaches that Jesus Christ is Almighty God who was born as a human, who lived a sinless life, and died for all of us as the Sacrificial Lamb. Make sure that this church also believes that Jesus is also the Holy Spirit and that we can receive Him in our hearts, to guide us and be our counselor –Jesus living in us!. This Church must baptize its members in the “name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua). The name “Jesus Christmust be audibly heard during the baptizing. Please Read Acts 4:12 regarding that “there is no other name” for men to be saved than by Jesus. Then read Acts 2:38 where the apostle Peter obeyed the commandment which they understood that Jesus meant when He spoke in Mathew 28:19 when he said: “in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”. The name “Jesus Christ” is the only name that fulfills all those “titles” because He is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The baptism must be by immersion (fully covered by water) and in His name Jesus. 3). And finally, be a faithful servant of the Lord and preach the Gospel to others -- be an active servant in that church and live a life worthy of being called a “faithful servant” of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit will guide you!

To continue the tour, please go to the top-right main middle-section of this webpage. If you have already read the middle main page and would like to read further, please select the "More Information" tab at the top, or if you would like to view more pictures, select the "Picture Gallery" tab at the top left of this web page.



This webpage will provide additional information about my ongoing observations of the clouds. In this website I display digital cloud pictures that show hundreds of incredible figures which are embedded within the pictures. All the pictures in this website are pictures that I have taken in the Phoenix Arizona sky. With time, I will be adding more comments to the pages as I find necessary. Please excuse my grammatical errors and bare with me as I continue to edit my typo, modify the wording, in order to attempt to convey my thoughts with more clarity.

What science says about the clouds: Science has correctly taught us that clouds are formed when water evaporates and rises into the atmosphere. Depending on the atmospheric conditions, these water vapors may form into either thick or thin clouds, and they may reside in either low or high altitudes. Science has categorized and named the clouds with names such as: Cirrus-, Altocumulus-, Cirrocumulus-, and Stratus-clouds. (try doing a Google search for "cloud types").

But there is more than meets the eye, in regards to the shapes, and that is where science and I depart. This is not a hunch, I have photographic evidence that I want to share with the world; and the content of those cloud-shapes and figures, I believe, will blow your mind away with amazement.

I consider this discovery to be a grant from God, and I believe that the photographic evidence will clearly prove it. Among the many figures that you will see embedded in the pictures, are symbols of past events, current events, and some future events. I have found that all of the figures and symbols conform to the Word of God ( the Tenakh, the Torah, or the complete Bible), especially in regards to history, prophesy, and doctrine.

I want to make it clear to my fellow believers, that these images do not convey another Gospel. The pictures are also NOT meant to be worshiped or taken as literal, for they are only graphic representations. We could compare them to what a court artists would draw when they are not allowed to take pictures of the many court characters, but are only allowed to draw them. Many of these shapes are only symbolic in what they represent, and maybe a few might may be of literal representation (like the Messiah's tortured portrait), but you will have to be the judge of that. The interesting thing is that many of these symbols do parallel the Word of God, so I have to conclude that their source is from our Almighty God. Don’t discount my words yet, wait until you see and examine the pictures, so that you can further evaluate my statements and make your own judgement.

You may have also done this: Have you ever lied down outside on the grass, or on a lawn chair, with your family or friends, and just contemplated the incredible shapes that form in the clouds? For a moment, you might have seen a rabbit, a frog, a dog, a human figure, or any other shape which you are familiar with. It is a fun thing to do and it is amazing to see those many figures, this especially when we were children, right?

As an adult, have you ever snapped a pictures of such cloud figures? Most likely you have not, because you have been told from a very young age that they are just the product of “chance” and nothing worth investigating any further.

Well, for many years I did the same thing, until the advent of digital photography. About 11 years ago I took a picture with a digital camera that used floppy disks for storage, and the pictures which I took of a man in the clouds, looks nothing like what I distinctively remember seeing that day, due to the low resolution.

Later, as cameras started getting incorporated into cell phones and the software to retrieve the pictures was also available, I started taking cloud pictures more often. But again, the picture quality was very poor in those first cell phone cameras.

Finally in 2007 my family gave me a cell phone, as a birthday gift, which had an excellent camera built into it. I was amazed at the picture quality by which it took pictures, and I began to take pictures of just about anything that I enjoyed seeing and preserving for later viewing. I began to notice that when I zoomed into the pictures in the areas where there were clouds in the background, that many small figures seemed to appear in them. I enjoyed seeing them but again I discounted them as just the product of mere chance — I again believed that my eyes were playing a trick on me.

It was not until September 9th, 2008, when I took the picture which I have named: “In the Battle of Good and evil—Good Wins!” that I realized that this was no mere chance or that my eyes were playing a trick on me. I began to study both the cloud pictures, and also the cellphone camera. I began taking pictures of the same clouds with my cell phone camera and also with other digital cameras, in order to compare both the pictures and cameras. I found that only my cell phone camera was able to take such incredible detail cloud pictures which had embedded figures within them. The other cameras lacked the clarity of the embedded figures, though here and there I could see some larger figures. That is when I realized that my cell phone camera was “seeing” other details which the other digital or conventional cameras could not pick up. I then embarked on studying the details of the main picture in this website. In the past three years I have uncovered more and more symbols and figures embedded within this picture; and also in the other hundreds of cloud pictures which I have accumulated. Since the discovery, I have been studying and giving great thought as to how my cell phone camera is able to capture such incredible pictures, and how the cloud figures are actually being formed within the clouds. I want to share this and hope that you have an open mind and are willing to study the picture in detail.

Yea, sure, tell me more fantasies: I know that you are going to say that I am crazy; but, what if I can show you photographic proof? Wouldn’t you, instead, like to judge for yourself? Well, I want to re-introduce you to that fun activity of “cloud watching” but with a twist: this time it might change the way you view life and consider that there is a powerful God. Keep reading, and hear me out -- I believe that you won't regret it!

How are these digital pictures getting captured with such details? What is your theory? I know that my camera is detecting some other energy besides visible light, but I don't really know what it is detecting. For argument's sake, I will say that it is detecting "temperature" changes; But since I really don't know what it is detecting, you can substitute any kind of radiant energy in its place. The fact is that some unknown energy is enhancing my pictures, and the proof is in the pictures that you will view.

I am now going to get a little technical in this paragraph as I try to explain my hypothesis - so please bare with me! After much thought and experimentation, I have concluded that the process involved in taking such pictures, is that my camera is detecting both visible light (as expected) and also invisible infrared light (or lack there of, or some other form of radiant energy). Both sources of radiant energy are then getting processed as one, internally by the cell-phone camera software. In other words, under certain conditions, my cell-phone’s camera is detecting more than just the visible light, it must also be detecting the temperature differences (or other energy; it has a built-in night-shot infrared detector that could be detecting the “warmer” and “colder” regions). That information is then getting processed as brighter or darker areas throughout the picture.

The cellphone-camera's internal "White-Balancing software" is balancing these darker and brighter areas (which were generated by the infrared detector), against the brighter and darker areas which were detected by the visible light detector. Both the infrared information and the visible light information are then being processed as one, by the white-balancing software. This then allows the camera to "cancel-out" or “discriminate” unwanted cloud areas that appear as haze by most cameras, and also enhances other areas not normally visible to our eyes.

By the way, also the opposite occurs: instead of just cancelling-out the haze, it is also adding to the picture other details that are normally not visible to our eyes. The invisible infrared energy (the varying-temperatures) are then being interpreted by the “white-balancing software" as lighter or darker shades; and these shades are then adding detail to the visible picture -- it is therefore enhancing or completing the visible picture. The final cloud picture is so different from what I am seeing when I see the clouds with the naked eye — but when I view them through the camera's view-screen, I can see the details that are being added, and the haze that is also being discriminated or removed.

I don’t know if the camera has an unintended hardware or software bug in the “white-balancing” software, “infrared detector”, or in the visible-light “detecting wafer”; but the camera is beautifully combining both detections, and merging the signals to create the incredible pictures.

Also, some of these picture figures have "holographic qualities", which show up better under certain viewing conditions. The camera's ability to "pierce" into the clouds as if it had x-ray vision, allows it to take pictures that most digital or conventional film cameras cannot perform; and that includes merging the pixels in such a way that when I view them on my computer screen (with a little ambient sunlight filtering into an off-white-painted room) the holographic qualities show up. If I moved my head around the screen in order to view the picture from different angles, the picture displays limited holographic qualities, like when viewing a “3-D” holographic post card. Especially the "scorpion-like" figure in the center-right of the picture, it shows those holographic qualities. The figure changes into a "golden-cup", and when seen from another angle, it also appears to be the hair of a balding man. I will mention those items in the comments which I will be adding next to the pictures, on the left columns.

What is causing the temperatures changes and thus causing the shapes and figures which are forming in the clouds? And what does astronomy have to do with this process? (If you don’t believe in God, this will be hard for you to swallow, but please hear-out my hypothesis!) After much thought and also having knowledge of the Bible, I have come to the conclusion that since God “placed” the heavenly bodies (Psalms 86:6-7) (the stars, nebula's, galaxies, and clusters of galaxies) in exact positions or trajectories, He must have placed them so that each point of light that reaches the Earth becomes a pixel, or a combination of pixels, of what ever picture He wanted to display in the clouds. The movement of the stellar bodies through the ages (as seen by us Earthlings), is caused by the Earth’s rotation, the Earth orbit around the Sun, the Solar system's orbit around the Milky Way Galaxy, and the Galaxies’ movement throughout the Universe. All these movements position the Earth within different converging points of energy, and these converging energies are then forming the figures in the clouds. The figures appear precisely in the time period which God wanted them to appear, and they have relevant messages concurrent to the time period. Each of the above mentioned stellar bodies emit their alpha or gamma x-ray radiation, along with other radiant energies, and when these energies reach the Earth’s atmosphere, they are colliding or intersecting with other energies which are also coming from different directions. The colliding energies then cause oscillations in the atmosphere which cause the water molecules to vibrate and become excited at the different combined frequencies, which in turn slightly cool down or warm up the molecules -- these temperature changes are then forming the shapes and figures in the clouds. You could say that the oscillations might be causing the water molecules to give-off or absorb heat, just like freon behaves in a refrigerator's closed circulation system. My night-shot-equipped digital-cellphone-camera is then detecting these temperature changes and that information is then being balanced with the visible light, which then causes the enhancements to my pictures.

Please explain more on this process and its effects...

I also believe that some of these oscillations in the atmosphere are causing water vapors to form into fog (or clouds) in the sky, just like those commercially available "ultrasound" humidifiers make fog inside a home. I have noticed that some clouds change in texture when they are being bombarded with such energy. I have also noticed that some clouds turn whiter or brighter, and others turn darker. I believe that this must depend on the oscillating frequencies of the combined energies. I have seen clouds turn darker even when in direct bright sunlight, and I have also observed clouds turn whiter, even when the sun is being blocked by other clouds. I have to conclude that when we see dark "rain" clouds, that they are darker and ready to drop their water, precisely because the type of energy or frequency of the oscillations that is exciting them or turning them darker. So I hypothesize that during the rainy summer months, the dark clouds are getting excited a different frequencies than when we see white fluffy clouds which are usually non-rain-producing clouds.

Have you noticed that the beautiful white fluffy clouds don't usually generate lightning? Yet when they are dark they do? So I hypothesize that the dark clouds are receiving a different energy or are getting excited differently. What I mean to say is that they must be vibrating at a different rate than white clouds and this is making them darker. I hypothesize that the water molecules are getting excited at such a higher levels, that they then generate huge amount of electrical discharges, and thus lightning.

I have also observed that when clouds are being formed in conditions when there is hardly any wind, that they become fluffy with visible water vapor as if they were being formed from within their center. I have then observed them growing in size from within, as if the energy is causing the clouds to expand from the center out. I have also witnessed many times that when the wind is blowing against the clouds, that the clouds pretty much keep their shape, and they even move at their own speed and direction, in spite of the wind directions. I have also witnessed that the vapor, which is getting blown away, is also getting replenished from within, thus keeping the cloud pretty much the same size and shape, or even growing in size.

I have also observed that when jet contrails are being produced by the jetliners that traverse the Phoenix sky, that when they cross over, near, or under the scattered clouds and open spaces, that those contrails either quickly dissipate or are preserved longer, depending if they were under or over a cloud or in the wide open spaces between them. When the contrails are made in the wide open spaces, they quickly dissipate, as if something is preventing their prolonging. But when the contrails are formed under or over the clouds, that they are preserved for a very long time, and that they eventually widen and get imprinted by the same oscillating energies that imprinted the clouds. I have photographed them and have closely examined them by zooming into the pictures, and I have also found them embedded figures, symbols, and shapes -- God is my witness that I say the truth!

I have also noticed that many times the Phoenix sky is completely open, and then suddenly the sky gets cloudy. I thought the the clouds had rolled into the area but after much observation, I have observed that it is the stellar cloud-making energy which has moved into the area. That stellar energy starts bombarding the Phoenix sky, which at times might already have water vapor present, and then a thin haze begins to form, which then continues to get thicker and thicker by the minute until the sky is completely filled-up with clouds. I have also observed the opposite: a very cloud covered sky which slowly dissipates into a nice blue open sky, for miles around.

I therefore conclude that even though the water vapor is traveling from place to place, because it is being carried by the winds currents (no surprise there), the actual clouds and their shapes are not always necessarily traveling from place to place. It is the stellar energies which are bombarding the Earth which is actually "moving" (from the Earth's perspective) as the Earth spins on its axis, travels around the Sun, the Solar systems travels around the Milky Way Galaxy, and the Galaxy is traveling within the Universe.

I have also witness cloud cover disappearing in one area and then getting recreated in a new area, possibly miles away. I have observed that the clouds are not always moving smoothly from one place to another, but rather that the energy is moving and re-creating them in a new place (of course many other times they do move slowly to a new place, depending on where the stellar energies are moving and are re-converging).

Therefore, someone could make a study where they could compare cloud pictures from the Phoenix sky with clouds that form a few hours later at basically the same 33rd parallel Latitude, but at a different longitude as the Earth spins (and travels through space). And I hypothesize that for the most part, that the clouds basic shapes will form from area to area around the world, during the same day.

What about the smaller embedded figures that appear throughout the cloud pictures, how do you explain those? I have taken many cloud pictures in which the whole cloud might not necessarily have some particular shape, yet throughout the cloud I still find embedded small figures, and I have to conclude that they are being created just like a "rear projection" screen would display its pictures, except that in this case, the projectors are the millions of star that are bombarding the clouds, from above. When the Bible says that God "placed" the stars in the Heavens, I have to conclude that that is exactly what he did. The many clusters of stars throughout the sky are projecting their energy (X-rays, alpha, beta, gamma, etc) in all directions, and that when their energy reaches the Earth during bright sunny days, then that energy must be interacting with the water molecules in the clouds and also with the bright sunlight, causing the incredible figures to appear throughout the clouds (and in color, mind you). Once the Sun goes down, I am not able to take pictures of the clouds, so I can't capture the smaller embedded figures; Therefore, I conclude that the bright sunlight and the water molecules are playing a vital role in re-creating the smaller embedded figures to appear throughout the clouds -- an imprint of the stellar energy coming from the cosmos.

During the day, I have watched the smaller embedded figures through the camera's small video screen, and I have seen them animate and play-out like a short repeating cartoon-like movie. I have taken moving pictures of them but again the video resolution of the cell phone camera is very poor, and the animated figures are not recorded clear enough to replay. God is my witness that I say the truth, and someday someone will make a digital binocular viewer in which others will be able to see what I have seen -- they will confirm my statements. Until then, you'll think that I am either crazy or a big liar, but I am neither, I am telling the truth, so help me God!

Are all the forms and figures static? Emphatically NO, they are dynamic! Because of the Earth’s movement through the intersecting energies from the stellar bodies, I have witnessed in the clouds slow moving characters and figures (no I don’t use drugs or drink alcohol). I have watched, during the day, embedded figures which animate and play-out like a short repeating cartoon-like movie. I have taken moving pictures of them but again the video resolution of the cell phone camera is very poor, and the animated figures are not recorded clear enough to replay. God is my witness that I say the truth, and someday someone will make a digital binocular viewer which will be able to see what I have seen -- they will confirm my statements. Until then, you'll think that I am either crazy or a big liar, but I am neither, I am telling the truth, so help me God!

I believe that possibly some (not all) of the visions that were seen by some of the Bible prophets, might have been caused by this process. This would be possible if God granted them the exact conditions to view them without the current digital technology (prophets Ezekiel, Daniel, John, etc.). I have witnessed several of such incredible visions while viewing the clouds through the screen of my cell-phone camera -- God is my witness that I say the truth!

Are this cloud shapes also getting formed at night? Yes, only the main cloud shapes but not the embedded smaller figures and symbols. I obviously can't take the same detail pictures at night because of the lack of sunlight, which is needed to create the smaller embedded figures; however, my night observations have led me to the conclusion that the main clouds are also getting formed at night by these intersecting stellar energies. I have observed that the night clouds seem to pretty much keep the same form for quite some time, and that includes the clear open spaces between them. Try it yourself (if you live near a big city: go out at night and observe how those well defined clouds seem to keep their forms, including the spaces between them.

What else can you tell us about cloud shapes and how are the shapes getting formed? I believe that the clouds are actually reproducing the shapes or forms of the combined stellar energies which have been projected towards Earth. This energy is then causing an "imprint" of the stellar bodies within the clouds. I have observed clouds that seem have shapes similar to that of stellar bodies like galaxies, nebulae, and start constellations (clusters of stars). For example, I have taken pictures which are very similar to the general shape of the Crab Nebula, and also others which have the general shape of Spiral galaxies.

I took a picture which seems to be in the general shape of the Arrow constellation that was shot across the sky from the Great Archer constellation towards the heart of Scorpio. I have taken other pictures which I conclude have the same general shape of other known constellations. When you are viewing a cluster of clouds, I believe that you are actually looking at an imprint of the stellar body or bodies (star clusters), which have projected their energy towards Earth.

When I go outside and view the clouds in the sky, I am always thinking of what clusters of stars or constellations, galaxies, or nebulous might be forming the present clouds-shapes. I have noticed that many times I can also see the hazy outline of where the cloud shape actually extends beyond the white visible cloud. Other times I have seen only the haze and that means that there is just not enough moisture in the atmosphere to cause the white visible cloud, but I can still see part the outline.

Is it possible the our ancestors were able to see these shapes, since they spent most of their time in the outdoors? I think that it is possible, that our ancestors and also ancient astronomers might have made the connection between the evening star gazing and the daytime cloud watching; and possibly that they might have even come up with the constellation shapes and names from those associations. Why do I say that? Because I came to the same conclusion, after seeing those incredible cloud shapes, at the time of the year when those constellations are known to be prevalent.

Maybe that is why many ancient cultures were able to draw similar drawings, as if they were in communication with each other, yet they were oceans apart? Maybe the pictures were drawing that at times became visible in the clouds, because of certain atmospheric conditions which allowed them to see such pictures. I have often wondered about the passage in Genesis that states that rain did not fall onto the Earth, before the Great Flood (remember Noah's Ark? see Genesis 2:5-6). The Bible says that in those days there was only a mist which arose throughout the Earth. Imagine if this mist or fog were constantly present late in the day, and the stars were "projecting" their incredible picture stories, just like movies, and the inhabitants could clearly see the stories of God's creation and of His plan of Salvation? There were no scriptures to be read back then, that we know of, until Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible, after the Great Flood. So wouldn't it be amazing if God set the stars precisely where they could project their light towards the Earth and daily paint His Word via these incredible pictures (moving pictures, that is, believe me, I have seen them!)

Are the cloud shapes flat or mainly two dimensional? No, I believe that they are three-dimensional. I have observed the huge cloud figures and I have come to the conclusion that they are basically a huge invisible "hologram" that becomes visible as the water vapor gets excited and forms a visible fog, or clouds. I have observed these "holograms" when there is little moisture in the atmosphere and I have observed how haze fills-in the general shape of the hologram, revealing its general shape. Holograms are formed when two or more radiant energies converge in the same area. Therefore, I have to conclude that the energy causing the cloud shapes has to be energy that is intercepting or converging, and is coming from different areas of the sky. This would also explain why I have also seen clouds that spontaneously form (as if the vapor is boiling into a steam), even below other clouds; and yet the clouds above seem to have not have been affected. I have to conclude that this is because only where the energies converge, that the invisible "holograms" form; and this converging energy causes the visible clouds to form (for the most part, of course, because there are many exceptions as to how clouds can also form).

Do you think that this stellar energy might have some other effect on Earth? It is possible, though hard to prove without special sensitive detection instrumentation. I have given great thought to this possibility, and I have listed eight theories or conjectures that I have no way of testing, but which make for exciting possibilities. Do not discount the other writings just because of these eight theories or conjectures, which for now will seem very wacky to you; But, remember, that all great discoveries begin with someone first thinking of them and then others actually investigating them further to prove or disprove them. Here are eight wild theories of mine. Enjoy them!

1. Catalyst for storms? I have thought about the possibility that the energy from spiral galaxies or other stellar bodies (along with atmospheric conditions) might be a catalyst in jump-starting hurricanes or tornadoes. I have observed in the Arizona desert, that when there is cloud cover and dust devils form (and there are clouds above), that the clouds above where the dust devil formed, seem to display a downward push of the vapors, as if stellar energy has punched through the cloud cover above and started the dust devil twirling action, by possibly cooling or warming those areas and started the wind's twirling motion. What if this is a miniature version of how the giant storms actually begin? Who knows? Hmm, something to think about, right?

2. Start of rain down-pours, micro-bursts, or wind-shear? I have observed the Arizona sky in the monsoon season and have noticed that the clouds seem to display a downward push in the area where a rain shower is about to begin. What if this stellar energy is also the catalyst in starting rain downpour? I have seen here in the desert, the beginnings of a massive down-pour called a “micro-burst” and again I have observed that prior to it, the clouds begin to show signs of the vapors getting pushed down prior to the actual rain down-pouring. Maybe the dangerous “wind-shear” storms which airplane pilots fear so much, is started by this same stellar energy? Who knows? Hmm, something to think about, right?

3. Affect weather patterns? What if the Earth experiences “enhanced” weather patterns when the Earth passes through these converging energies, yearly, as the Earth passes by those approximate same spots as it orbits the Sun? Hurricanes and tornadoes have a season and the changing of the weather due to the Earth’s angle on its pivot definitely is the major factor in causing the weather conditions favorable for creating them, but maybe the catalyst or the enhancing energy is also coming from such stellar energy? Who knows? Hmm, something to think about, right?

4. Can clouds be "helped" to start raining? What if scientists are able to prove my thesis that the energy from the stellar bodies causes the clouds to behave differently, according to the frequencies that they are receiving, and that those various frequencies do cause the clouds to be either white and fluffy or dark and ready to rain; and that this energy is the principal cause of cloud generated lightning? What if then they find that they can use antennas to bombard the clouds with those exact frequencies, which in turn are able cause the clouds to drop their rain where it might be needed most? Who knows? Hmm, something to think about, right?

5. Affect animal migrations? I have also thought of the possibility that the animals of the world might be able to detect this stellar energy and use it to time their migrations from one area of the world to another. How do they know precisely when to start moving, even when they are scattered through out the world? Could this stellar energy be providing the timing for them? Who knows? Hmm, something to think about, right?

6. Affect cell division? While I have been taking cloud pictures and have been looking into the camera’s mini-monitor while holding the camera with both hands, I have experienced what I believe is like a sudden short pulse of energy. That is the only time I have experienced it repeatedly, while outside and taking pictures. I can’t identify it, but my though is that maybe there is some stellar energy pulse that hits the Earth at certain intervals, and maybe this energy pulse is the timer that all living cells use to begin their cell divisions? Who knows? Hmm, something to think about, right?

7. Leaves imprints on plant’s biological material? I have also thought of the possibility that every living plant or biological "material" might be getting microscopically imprinted by the stellar energy, with the same microscopic figures and symbols which are also appearing in the clouds. What if microscopically they are keeping a record of the converging energies, or a record of the stars and constellations, as their cells move to form micro patterns and figures that match the same stellar energies? If that were happening, then the stellar bodies would be leaving an print on all biological life, including but not limited to leaves, stems, bones, skin, etc. If that were happening then scientist could possibly traced back and date biological material to when it was being formed or when it was growing; therefore, they could match how the sky was during that time of growth? If this is happening, couldn't scientists be able to study when a piece of old wood might have gotten imprinted, by the patterns of the stars left on them? Who knows? Hmm, something to think about, right?

8. Leaves imprint on molten materials? I have also thought of the possibility that molten materials might also be affected by the stellar energies, as the molten materials solidify, and as a consequence they might also be getting imprinted with figures coming from the same stellar energy? For example: While cleaning my yard, I have observed that many rocks seem to have small recognizable figures and symbols embedded in them. Of course, it could just be a coincidence, but what if this same stellar energy left an imprint on the molten material just prior to solidifying? You are going to laugh with my experiment, but I opened several smooth chocolate bars and examined them for small figures that might have gotten imprinted as they solidified, and to my surprise, I did find small figures imprinted; but of course my coarse experiment doesn't prove anything because I don't know if the metal where they were formed had intentional figures inserted in order to prove that the product did come from their manufacturing plants. But this could be tested by scientists using molten metals or rocks, in a controlled environment or laboratory, right?

Have you seen the incredible figures that have formed in the mountains or at the coast lines and other landscapes? Have you noticed that erosion does not evenly wear out the mountains or the sea shores. I know that there many factors involved, but what if some of the huge figures that we see in the mountains, the coastlines, or at other landscapes were actually formed by the same process? Imagine huge molten materials hardening different and forming shapes that have different erosion factors and therefore in time the surrounding material erode faster than the material that got impregnated with the figure, and in time reveal the "embedded" figure?. Have you not seen the incredible figures that have been discovered in foreign lands; and everyone speculates if some ancient peoples carved the mountains or the landscape? What about the figures that have been seen on other planets? Have you heard of the Human Face mountain on Mars? What about the Monolith, also on Mars? This same energy could be the cause of it, right? Who knows? Hmm, something to think about, right?

Okay, this is the end of these eight speculations. I hope that you enjoyed them!


Where were these pictures taken? I took all these pictures in the Phoenix Arizona area. I tried taking pictures in California and I did not get the same results, possibly because I was there in the winter and the air was too cold. I believe that hot weather along with bright sunlight, play an important part in the camera's ability to better detect the "colder" and “warmer” areas against the background and the foreground. It might be possible to take the same detailed pictures in colder areas, but possibly with a more sensitive commercial camera. I believe that my cell-phone-camera pictures show more detail when I take pictures in the hot Arizona weather, precisely because of the broad temperature differences.

Are these pictures hoaxes or artist’s renditions? NO! I took all this pictures in this website (I will be adding more pictures later) and I can assure you that they are NOT edited for content in any way, shape, or form! Everything you will see was captured by my cell-phone camera. The only enhancements that I have performed are for the "brightness and darkness" of the over-all picture, (which allows for easier viewing), for enlarging or zooming-in, and for viewing the fine details. In a few cases I enhanced the Hue and Color, again only to bring out what I had identified on the smaller screen, where the pixels are more concentrated. The pictures are truly 100% real and NOT hoaxes. There is such incredible fine detail from the micro-pixel level up to the macro level, that I don’t believe that even the best computer artist can duplicate one such picture in their whole lifetime. They would have to begin creating figures and symbols from down in the microscopic pixel level, while interlocking them precisely with each layer above it, in all directions, until reaching the huge macro-size figures. These are such complex multidimensional collections of figures and symbols that an artist would be overwhelmed in trying to keep all layers in harmony with each other. Changes in a layer would also affect all the other layers above and below it.

Have you contacted Universities or Astronomers about your discovery? Yes, I have contacted two major universities but to be fair to them, my word of mouth and emails was not a good approach because picture evidence is needed in order to correctly present this discovery. I needed to put my data in some tangible format and this website will help in conveying my hypothesis. Maybe someone will make a true effort at investigating this connection to the stellar bodies, but I don't hold my hopes high; though I hope to one day be pleasantly surprised, that someone did make a fair attempt to investigate it and confirms my find. That is why I decided that it was best to let the people know about this, and hopefully someone will take the challenge and prove my hypothesis. I would appreciate if someone informs me if they read or hear of anyone ever making their own independent study and the results. Please inform me by sending me an email at "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can these pictures be used to predict personal events? A BIG NO! These are not for personal interpretation and anyone doing so would be in violation of God’s word, for God considers such activity as witchcraft--a grave sin that is condemned by God. It would be no different than someone using the stars to predict that their day will be good or bad, as astrologers pretend to do. God forbids such predictions and I want to make it clear that even though I believe that God placed the stars to create these pictures at the precise moment in time of His choice, that He did NOT do it for personal predictions — He did it to confirm His word, the Torah, the Tenakh, the Bible; so that others may be saved.

( Side note; By the way: The constellations shapes and names were originally only for telling the story of God being born as a human and dying to save humanity; But, the evil-one influenced the ancient Babylonians to corrupt their meaning and instead to use the constellations for witchcraft, as in the Horoscope: trying to predict the daily events.) They renamed and changed their meanings from the original intent, which was planned by God to be pictorials about HIS plan of Salvation. For example: The constellation Virgo represents the Virgin which gives birth to a Prince (Jesus); Sagittarius or the Archer, the God-Man which shoots the Flying Arrow to the Star Antares ( the bright red heart of Scorpius, the scorpion, the evil-one). The archer is avenging Orion (Jesus), who was slain by the scorpion's sting. These constellations represent God defeating the the evil-one, which kills Jesus; but Jesus is GOD who actually defeated the evil one.

About the Main Website Picture: The main website picture that I named: "In the Battle of Good and evil--Good wins!" is my favorite picture, because of its incredible message. During the early 2008 US Presidential campaign, I prayed with a troubled heart asking the Almighty Lord about what was to come in the near future. I did not know if HE would answer my request or simply remind me that HIS grace is sufficient. Nonetheless, I asked expecting some kind of answer and for five months I concluded that he must have answered me with the latter: silence.

Five months later, I took the above mentioned picture. But again it would take several more months before I realized that the Lord had actually answered my prayer; and not only my prayer, but also all of those who might have been also praying for an answer. What surprised me the most is that God answered in a manner that is close to my heart: the Bible, photography, technology, science, and astronomy.

Here is how it happened that I took this first picture: I was driving home from work on September 9th, 2008, when I saw this amazing cloud covered sunset, and something tugged my heart that I should park and snap some pictures of it. I immediately parked my vehicle and proceeded to take several digital pictures, using different cell-phone-camera settings. I was amazed at the beauty and size of the sunset clouds, but I did not know why I had such a strong desire to snap the pictures.

Immediately, I noticed a unique figure in the center of the picture, but I did not think too much about it. After several months of constantly viewing the pictures on cell-phone screen, I started noticing more incredible figures and shapes -- especially under certain lighting conditions. I got drawn into investigating further. I would zoom in and out of the picture in order to more closely analyze its content, until I finally understood that it was the answer from God. I was so amazed at how God had answered in such an incredible manner; and it had a very profound effect on my life — my faith grew even further.

This is why I felt compelled to take the time to put the pictures online and dissect them systematically (through this online medium); so that others who had also prayed for the same answers, may also reflect on the answer to their prayers. God is faithful to His word. The message is not intended for me only, but for all of humanity -- I was just one of those who was in tune with His word, and by the grace of God, did not miss the message.

Jesus said to keep looking above for the signs of His coming (Mathew Ch 24), and He spoke of signs that would be displayed in the heavens. God predicted through the prophet Daniel that science would increase in the latter days, and therefore I understand that He meant that technology would help open the eyes of many who doubt of His existence.

The Psalmist said (paraphrasing) that "one day emits knowledge to another day" and he might have been speaking of the stars and the clouds, acting as a big open theater, shouting-out the greatness of God and echoing His word throughout the world, day after day. The Psalmist also wrote that "the Heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament (the sky) the work of His hands" (Psalm 19:1). This discovery confirms to me that this is one of the intended methods of further communicating His Word. God had reserved this discovery for the latter days, so that many more people would believe and accept Him, before it is too late.

God is Yahweh, Elohim, Adonai, Jehovah, the Angel of the Lord, the Jewish Messiah, and the Almighty Lord Jesus Christ -- HE is ONE!. God came down and lived among us as a human, and paid the ransom to redeem us and to give us salvation by spilling HIS blood as "the Sacrificial Lamb". HE is the ONE promised to Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel) and their descendants. HE calls Himself the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! HE is the one that the Prophet Isaiah, the Psalmist (King David) and many other prophets so vividly described in their writings.

Hear ye oh Israel, thy God is ONE! He is the Mighty Great Spirit who made everything and dwells everywhere; yet He has taken many forms like the Angel of the Lord, or Jehovah, who walked in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve; and is the same ONE who met Abraham in the desert; and also the same ONE which Jacob struggled with in the desert; and so on and on. HE is the Jewish Messiah Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, the Eternal Father, and the Almighty God that Isaiah wrote about! (Read Isaiah 9:6 and Chapter 53.)

Who are you? I have nothing to hide by not mentioning my name, but the center of this website is God, and not I. I am not looking for personal gain or fame, but I would rather bless HIS mighty name for what He has done, and is capable of doing, because He is worthy and He is the giver of all knowledge. I am just a servant obeying His commandments to spread the Gospel to those who are wiling to listen -- His grace is sufficient for me.

Why did you decide to publish this website If I keep God’s response to myself, I would be denying others the treasures that He has given all of us. His response via these pictures was not intended as a personal message to me, but rather to all of humanity. He is trying to reach all of those who have still not obeyed His word, and are going down the path of personal destruction. He is using all technological communication mediums, including the Internet and this website, to further preach His Word of salvation. He wants everyone to have the opportunity to know Him, accept Him and receive His grace . He kept this new cloud-photography concealed until these latter days, so that those who still don’t believe in Him might have their eyes opened, and realize that He is the Jewish Messiah which was predicted by the prophet Moses, Daniel, Isaiah, and many others prophets.

Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, spoke of the signs and wonders that would be seen in the heavens just before his return (Mathew Chapter 24)--I believe that this is one of them. The prophet Daniel also spoke of scientific advances in the latter days, and I believe that these advances are to provide new ways of confirming His Word. I believe that being able to see cloud imprints via technology, is a fulfillment of His word; God has provided a new way of reaching people who hunger for truth, and these Internet pictures are a clear confirmation of it. He said that when the Gospel is preached to the entire world, that then He would return—we are in those end times. Prepare yourself, He is coming for those who believe and obey His word. No one, except the Church, will see Him this next visit, for He is "pulling-out" the believers so that they don't go through the terrible judgments that fall upon this Earth. It will be the most terrible of times which the human race has ever seen; and in order to not go through these terrible judgments, you have to repent and accept Him as your personal Savior, who through His blood and grace, He has set a plan of escape (just like the children of Israel escaped the angle of death, through the blood of the sacrificed lambs and blood stained door lentils: Passover.).

If you have not been "born again" or "saved" according to the scriptures, and you would like to know how to do that, then take a moment wherever you are, and kneel or bow your head, and ask the Lord to forgive all of your sins, however big they may be. Next ask to be baptized by immersion ( being briefly submerged underwater) and the name of the Lord Jesus Christ must be audibly mentioned during the baptism. Read Acts 2:38 and see how the Apostle Peter answered the people when they asked him how they could be saved: he said "in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ". When Jesus gave the commandment to "go and preach the Gospel to all the world, and to baptize them in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, He was not saying to use the pronouns Father, Son, or Holy Spirit, but rather, He was saying to use the actual name of Jesus, "because there is NO other name given unto men by which they can be saved" (Act 4:12). I encourage you to seek God and He will change your life around. He is coming very soon for those who are ready, I hope that you are in that group called the Bride, or the Church. (Read the whole Book of St. John, which has 21 chapters.)

Please help in sharing in this incredible cloud mural message that the Almighty Creator has given all of us, by sending to others this web site URL: www.CloudsGodsMural.com , so that they may also see for themselves what technology has revealed in these latter days. God will unveil the eyes of many of HIS children when they see HIS messages inscribed in the clouds. Blessed be the name of our Lord and Almighty God Jesus Christ, who doesn't wants for anyone to perish, but be saved. Please seek Him out and you will not regret it!

May the Divine Lord’s Character shine through you, always!

-The Phoenix Cloud Man.

You may send your comments to my email address listed below. Please don’t click on it, instead use your own email program or else I won't get your email. I would love to hear from you and maybe exchange some thoughts about the pictures or messages. Please send me an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have a website and would like to include a URL link to my website, please email me so that I can also examine your website and make a decision about whether to also add a URL to your website. Thanks.



Bienvenidos a “Las Nubes son Avisos o Letreros de Dios” (www.CloudsGodsMural.com) ¿Son las nubes creadas solo por casualidad? Mire con cuidado esta fotografía que esta abajo y vea si todavía piensa usted lo mismo. Note las figuras tan complejas que aparecen en la fotografía. Observe y usted podrá ver algunas caras y figuras. Si usted esta usando una pantalla movible, por primera vez procure ver esta fotografía en medida de tres pulgadas por cuatro pulgadas; ósea 7 por 10 centímetros.

El reto de estas paginas: ¿Que si yo le puedo comprobar por medio de evidencia fotográfica digital, de que las imágenes y figuras que usted de antemano ha visto en las nubes, no son siempre formadas por los vientos y las temperaturas casuales; así como hemos sido enseñados desde nuestra niñez? Bueno, déjeme llevarle en un viaje fotográfico comenzando con esta primera fotografía que le he nombrado: “En la Batalla del Bien y del Mal---El Bien Gana!” Tomé esta fotografía digital en Septiembre 9 del 2008, a las 6:25PM; y si no fuera por una figura que sobresalía, yo la hubiera ignorado como solo “otra fotografía de la metida del Sol”. Pero una figura me jalo hacia la curiosidad para seguir estudiando la fotografía mas detalladamente, al punto que he descubierto muchas otras increíbles figuras: hay mas de cien o quizás miles de figuras y símbolos que estan incrustadas the ella. Le invito a que tome mi reto y embárquese en este viaje fotográfico que pondré delante de usted.

¿De que tratan estas paginas? usted quizás pregunta.

Estas paginas le van a mostrar increíbles fotografías de las nubes, que tome en el cielo de Phoenix (Finix) Arizona. Yo creo que estas fotos le van a abrir el apetito mental para querer saber aun más de ellas, porque va usted a ser testigo de las increíbles y variadas figuras y símbolos que están incrustadas en ellas. Todas las fotografías en estas paginas son 100% verdad y autenticas; NO son engaños y categóricamente NO son rendimientos artísticos de artistas terrenales.

Quizás usted pregunta: ¿Qué garantía nos da usted de que estas fotografías no son solo otra colección de engaños, como es común en el Internet? Bueno, déjeme decirle, esta primera fotografía la cual voy a analizar detalladamente, es tan compleja que un artista terrenal tendría que pasar toda su vida tratando de formar, no solo una, sino varias fotografías consecutivas. Primero: el artista tendría que incluir figuras que son encadenadas las unas con las otras en diferentes niveles o capas y en todas las direcciones. Segundo: el artista tendría que incluir un tema espiritual que es tan exacto, que conforma con el Torah y la Biblia. Tercero: el artista tendría que saber el futuro, y al mismo tiempo no violar la Palabra de Dios. Cuarto: el artista tendría que crear fotografías que son “mejoradas” por una poca de luz solar, la cual hace que se vean aun más detalles. porque los colores y las figuras se mejoran cuando son vistas en el monitor de una computadora (porque son parcialmente holográficas, de tres dimensiones). Quinto: el artista tendría que corresponder exacta y perfectamente con los pixeles de la fotografía y los cuerpos estelares (las estrellas) que están detrás de las nubes, durante el día, cuando aun los rayos del Sol brillan fuertemente desde la misma dirección. Y por ultimo: el artista tendría que hacer varias fotografías que en serie se cambian lentamente cada tres a seis segundos, causando que las figuras se muevan como si se estuvieran viendo una lenta película.. ¿Usted todavía piensa que un artista terrenal podría haber hecho tales fotografías? Yo no pienso que sea posible!

Esta es mi garantía: Que todas la fotografías digitales de estas páginas son autenticas, y que no son rendiciones artísticas de artistas terrenales. No he manipulado el contenido pero solo el tamaño y el contraste para poder mejorar la vista de los detalles. Todas las fotografías en estas páginas, las cuales tome en el área de Phoenix Arizona, son protegidas o son Copyright ©; y son propiedad de este sitio de Web y su administrador. Si les doy autorización para que las bajen para reexaminación personal, pero estrictamente prohíbo la retransmisión, la puesta de ellas en otras paginas de Web, para el uso comercial o cualquier otro uso no autorizado por su servidor, el administrador de : www.CloudsGodsMural.com . Entienda que si usted baja estas fotografías para reexaminación personal, y las quiere ver con los mismos detalles que este sitio las muestra, usted deberá usar un programa grafico de alta calidad, porque si no lo hace así, las fotografías se distorsionaran y no las vera con los mismos detalles que estas paginas las presentan. También, si usted las envía por email, usted corre un alto riesgo de que las fotografías sean compresazas a tamaños mas pequeños, de menos pixeles, porque es costumbre de muchos de los proveedores del Internet, de hacerlas mas compresas para ahorrar espacio digital y por ende, pierden su calidad y tamaño. Precisamente por eso es que prohíbo la retransmisión de ellas. Mejor opción es esta: en lugar de enviarlas por email, mándele el URL o la dirección esta: www.CloudsGodsMural.com , para que así ellos las bajen directamente de este sitio.

¿Como es que estas fotografías fueron creadas con tantos detalles? Yo entiendo que mi cámara de teléfono celular esta detectando alguna clase de energía, aparte de la luz visible, pero en realidad, no se que esta detectando. Por tal de argumentar, yo diría que esta detectando cambios de temperaturas, pero como realmente no se, usted podía substituir en su lugar cualquier otra clase de energía radiante. El hecho es, que alguna clase de energía esta mejorando mis fotografías, y la prueba esta en las fotos que usted va ver en este sitio Web.

Mi hipótesis es que estas increíbles fotografías digitales están siendo generadas por las energías estelares que están llegando a la Tierra. Esta energía estelar choca con las moléculas de agua que están en la atmosfera, las cuáles se excitan y cambian de “temperatura”. Estos cambios de temperatura entonces causan neblina (nubes) en la forma de los cuerpos estelares, y así pues crean una imprenta en la atmosfera del cuerpo estelar, en forma de nubes. Mi camera digital entonces esta detectando tanto la luz reflejada por las nubes como también los “cambios de temperatura” entre las nubes. Entonces el programa de “balanceador de blanco” que opera en mi cámara digital, procesa y combina las dos fuentes de información y balancea la imagen, creando estas fotografías con tanto detalle.

No soy un astrónomo ni un meteorólogo para con certeza saber si mi hipótesis realmente explica los mecanismos que están envueltos en este proceso, pero una cosa si se, que mi cámara digital esta detectando algo, lo cual esta causando increíbles mejoramientos a mis fotografías. Entonces, quiero retar a astrónomos y a meteorólogos a que: confirmen o modifiquen mi hipótesis. Ellos pueden comparar mis fotografías con algún mapa estelar y así corroborar los cuerpos estelares con las figuras en las fotografías, usando la fecha, la hora, y la dirección en la cual tome la fotografía; y si agregando los coordines de GPS que indican el lugar en que estaba parado cuando tome la fotografía principal. Tambien ellos podrán detectar si estos cambios de temperatura están ocurriendo en las nubes y si tambien están en corroboración directa con los cuerpos estelares. Solo ellos trabajando juntos podrian comprobar o anular mi hipótesis. Voy a expander mas sobre mi hipótesis en la sección “Mas Información” la cual usted puede visitar al usar el tab: “More Information”.

Sobre el mensaje de este sitio Web: Este sitio Web le va a mostrar fotografías que son increíblemente complejas en su estructura y contenido. Si usted es un creyente en Dios, mi deseo es que su fe en Dios, en su Palabra, y en sus promesas de que pronto viene, aumenten aun más. Sin embargo, ¿Es usted alguien que duda de que Dios existe? ¿Y esta usted esperando una “señal de arriba” la cual confirme si Dios existe o no? ¿Quizás es usted un ateo el cual le saca la vuelta a todo lo que sea de “Dios” porque usted esta convencido de que no hay Dios; porque usted no ha visto ninguna prueba que lo confirme, y así pues usted concluye que El no existe? ¿O quizás usted es un agnóstico el cual cree que si acaso hay Dios, El no se envuelve en los asuntos de los hombres, y por eso a usted no le importa nada de El, especialmente porque El no ha eliminado todos los malestares del mundo? Bueno, quizás estas fotografías serán la muestra que le abrirán sus ojos a que Dios si existe!

Todas las fotografías de este sitio Web están disponibles para que usted las examine, y solo usted podrá decidir y llegar a la conclusión sobre el origen y el contenido de ellas. Espero que usted tenga una mente abierta e inquisitiva para investigar uno de los deseos más grandes que esta incrustado en el ser humano: es el de querer saber de donde vinimos y a donde vamos. Sin embargo, estuviera fallando si yo no le dijera de que aunque usted crea o no en Dios, los juicios de Dios se van a llevar acabo a su tiempo determinado, de acuerdo con Su Palabra. Así que si estas señales del cielo le ayudan a que usted haga una sabía decisión sobre su futuro, entonces el tiempo y el esfuerzo que invertí, fue valido y no en vano.

Como seres humanos, hemos sido dados una vida muy corta de años y solo nosotros podemos hacer las decisiones vitales en cuanto a nuestro futuro eternal, mientras que todavía estamos dentro de este cuerpo. Cuando ya pasamos, no tenemos más que decir sobre el asunto; nuestro juicio se llevara acabo a pesar de nuestras creencias. Así que, ¿para que arriesgar nuestro futuro eternal al rápidamente rechazar la evidencia sobre la existencia de Dios y descartar este sitio como “otro sitio de un loco”? Cuando menos tome el tiempo para saciar su sed interna sobre el conocimiento de su existencia, y la de di hay Dios, y examine detalladamente esta evidencia.

Sin embargo, déjeme decirle esto: hay personas que nunca van a creer en Dios o en Su Palabra; y ellos tampoco creerán en las señales que El provee en el cielo, como confirmación de Su existencia. Quiero agregar que algunas personal endurecen sus corazones y no creen, hasta el punto que si aún el Arca de Noe fuera descubierta mañana, y ellos fueran invitados para ir a examinarla, ellos la excusarían como nada mas que otro gran engaño lanzado hacia la humanidad. Sinceramente, Dios es mi testigo de que este sitio Web no es un engaño! Yo simplemente soy un mensajero que estoy compartiendo el mensaje que fue confiado en mí, y he tomado el reto de comunicarlo por medio de esta red del Internet.

Aquí hay otras importantes notas sobre como mejor ver estas fotografías. He notado que estas fotografías enseñan mas detalles si uno las ve en un lugar en donde hay una poca de luz ultravioleta y tambien incandescente, revueltas juntamente con la luz del monitor. Para mi el mejor lugar y tiempo para verlas, ha sido durante el día, en un cuarto pintado medio blanco, y en un lugar en el cual entra una poca de luz solar. Asi pues, por cuanto tome estas fotos durante la luz fuerte del dia, he encontrado que si le vuelve a agregar la luz de sol, parece que los colores y la profundidad de las imágenes se mejoran, al punto que la fotografías demuestran en algunas de las imágenes, unas pequeñas calidades holográficas.

Desclaimer: Aunque voy a mencionar algunas figuras políticas que he concluido están en estas fotografías, quiero ser claro de que la primordial intención de este sitio Web no es para discurso político o para impugnar sus caracteres. Sin embargo, sí voy a ofrecer mi conclusión e interpretación de lo que yo creo que esta ocurriendo en la escena en la cual las figuras están incrustadas.

En otra nota, quiero que usted entienda de que las figuras también estarán ínter lazadas entre otras figuras que yo he concluido están mostrando ya sea lo “bueno o lo malo”. En otras palabras, cada figura estará compartiendo pixeles con otras figuras que cuando las ve uno de otra dirección o nivel de enfoque, ellas podrán estar mostrando el mensaje opuesto. Así que, esté provisto de que la asociación de pixeles no necesariamente muestra de que también las otras imágenes son “buenas o malas”. Se lo aclarare al transcurso de nuestro viaje en este sitio Web.

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